V-Track - All In One Platform

V-Track is the All-In-One Platform

V-Track Fleet Management is the perfect way to keep your fleet of trucks up-to-date and connected. With AI cameras, route optimization, GPS tracking and telematics all integrated in one simple platform, you can easily manage your fleet with minimal effort. The installation and use of V-Track is incredibly straightforward – utilizing our installation team or

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V-Track Fleet Data

It’s All in the Data

Digital technology has revolutionized how fleet operations are run. By digitizing fleet data, businesses can now track, measure, and analyze their fleet metrics more efficiently and accurately than ever before. But if you want to use your digitized fleet data to its full potential, it’s important to know which metrics you should be tracking. In

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V-Track Fleet Management

Top 5 Ways of Improving Fleet Performance

Unlock the Power of Your Fleet. Maximizing performance with the V-Track Fleet Management Platform and V-Track Video can have a major impact on your operations, from increased safety to improved productivity.  Take advantage of advanced capabilities like GPS, Telematics and AI in-Cab Cameras to make life out on the road more efficient and seamless. Here are

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Fuel Pumps

Fuel Efficiency

A large part of fleet management is the responsibility for ensuring that your vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. One of the most important ways to do this is to measure fuel efficiency. By understanding how much fuel your vehicles are using, you can make changes to improve efficiency and save money. Let’s take

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