Delivery Truck accident

I Didn’t Do It

Every fleet manager has experienced confronting a driver about an incident.  Incidents can range from damage to fleet vehicles, property damage, accidents, and/or traffic violations.  When investigating events, it is often the drivers statement a manager must go by and is left with many questions that remain unanswered.  When your fleet is equipped with an …

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V-Track Geo Fence

How To Use Geofencing

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a helpful tool when locating vehicles in real time.  Fleet managers often use these tools during the day to see where their vehicles may be at any given time.  When this data is used with proper geofencing alerts, fleet managers get even more data for simplification of fleet management.  Geofencing alerts can immediately …

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V-track Video Cameras

Tips for Successful Driver Buy-In for In-Cab Vehicle Cameras

In vehicle cameras are one of the most effective tools for fleet safety improvement. The technology combined with effective driver coaching, has been found to reduce safety-related events by as much as 50% according to our customer research. Drivers can be skeptical about having cameras watching their actions as they feel the “big brother” component …

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Benefits of AI In-Cab Cameras

Benefits of AI In-Cab Cameras

Deploying an AI in-cab camera system is often a cultural change that affects fleet operators, drivers, managers, and safety departments. Having access to rich data, live tracking, detailed reporting, and video alerts offers countless benefits to keeping your fleet safe. Velocitor’s V-Track system offers feature rich AI functionality that offers many benefits for a safer …

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