Protect your Driver

Protect Your Driver

Any time one of your trucks is out on the road, your company is vulnerable to accidents.  Unfortunately, we have heard too many stories from our clients of accidents being staged, drivers being accused of causing accidents when they didn’t, accusations of property damage, and much more.  When that happens it ends up being the drivers’ word against witnesses that have no stake in the event.  V-Track Video changes this.  It gives fleet managers the ability to download footage of the event, see any alerts for speeding or safety violations, as well as notice any irregularity around the event.  Often the parties that accuse drivers of causing an event tend to change their position when they notice your vehicle is equipped with a V-Track Video system.

There are several benefits to running an AI-based in-cab camera system:  

  1. V-Track Video helps with establishing responsibility of an incident.  With access of footage from forward facing and driver facing cameras, it is easy to paint a clear picture of the event, see affecting factors to the incident, monitor driver behavior, and find true fault of what happened.  Without access to video footage, an investigation ends up with a lot of missing pieces to understand the event.  Video Footage can be downloaded and shared with law enforcement, insurance companies, and/or counsel if necessary.  There is no better way to provide proof of an event then a specific video of what happened exonerating the driver of a false accusation.    
  2. The V-Track Video system has a history of the drivers’ safety record in the driver scorecard report.  It easily established if the driver is generally a safe driver with very few violations, if they have demonstrated continuous improvement in their safety scorecard, or if they need improvement.
  3. V-Track Video footage of exonerations can be an effective training tool.  It helps safety departments review events with the entire driving team to look out for incidents that can possibly be avoided.  There is no better way to get driver buy-in into a video system then to share examples of driver exonerations.  Drivers of large commercial vehicles tend to be always assumed at fault.  When a driver is exonerated from an event, it helps the team know that their company stands behind them and drivers feel protected.   

Unfortunately, we live in a world where bad actors find any way possible to not be honest during an event.  An AI-based in-cab camera system like V-Track Videois an essential tool in running an efficient and cost-effective fleet.  Please contact us for more information on V-Track with AI Video capability.  We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate the extensive capability of V-Track.