V-Track Fleet Management

Top 5 Ways of Improving Fleet Performance

Unlock the Power of Your Fleet. Maximizing performance with the V-Track Fleet Management Platform and V-Track Video can have a major impact on your operations, from increased safety to improved productivity.  Take advantage of advanced capabilities like GPS, Telematics and AI in-Cab Cameras to make life out on the road more efficient and seamless. Here are 5 essential tips you need to know!

  • Maintain Optimal Vehicle Health

Investing in preventative maintenance is a smart way to help ensure that your fleet vehicles stay well-maintained and reliable. Diagnostic trouble codes can alert you when something needs attention, but it’s always better to be proactive with routine care.  Our V-Track reporting functionality such as vehicle inspections, telematics reporting, and others provide great tools on how to get started building an effective program for keeping your vehicle health intact – so don’t wait until the last minute!

  • Keep Improving Driver Skills

Fleet safety solutions are a great way to sharpen driver skills and create rewarding outcomes. With the use of AI-based V-Track Video and V-Track Mobile, drivers can review their own driving footage for any unsafe habits that require correction. This not only allows them to self-regulate but receive feedback from fleet managers through efficient coaching processes – leading to increased chances of promotion or incentives while propelling career development forward.  With this win-win solution in place all parties come out ahead!

  • Improve Route Optimization

GPS fleet tracking revolutionizes the way fleets operate – optimizing routes to guarantee on-time deliveries and maximum efficiency. Not only does this mean improved productivity, it also translates into a more successful workday with fewer traffic delays for both enterprise owners and their drivers alike!

  • Deploy a Successful Driver Safety Culture

As the majority of time spent on the road can involve high-risk situations, fleets need to prioritize safety. V-Track Video is an integral part of a successful safety program and can help protect drivers from wrongful claims while providing clear footage if incidents occur that were out of their control. Utilizing video as a vital tool in fleet monitoring also has additional benefits – it not only helps uncover awareness into unsafe driving practices but can actively prevent them before they arise!

  • Maintain Fuel Efficiency

In today’s challenging economy, fuel prices are soaring. To alleviate the burden of rising costs at the pump and improve overall performance, drivers must turn to preventative maintenance– an essential tool for successful savings on expensive diesel fuels.  Fuel is a large cost factor every year.  Every penny counts!

Please contact us for more information on V-Track with AI Video capability.  We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate the extensive capability of V-Track.