V-Track Fleet Management

V-Track Video Can Reduce Liability

Any time one of your trucks is out on the road, your company is vulnerable to potential unsafe driving behavior and accidents. Having access to rich data, live tracking, detailed reporting, and video alerts offers countless benefits to keeping your fleet safe. Deploying an AI in-cab camera system is often a cultural change that affects fleet operators, drivers, managers, safety departments, and brings many benefits to fleet management. Velocitor’s V-Track system offers feature rich AI functionality and helps run a safer operation.

There are several ways in-cab video can reduce liability in case there is an event:

  1. V-Track Video can help reduce the number of overall claims the carrier has to pay after an accident. After the event, the video footage can help with establishing responsibility and identifying hazards on the road. Often drivers get blamed for incidents when they did everything correctly, providing proof of the event, past safety records, performed training and overall driver behavior tracking. V-Track video can help exonerate a driver in an event if all safety procedures were followed. There is no need for further proof or lengthy investigation.
  2. V-Track Video helps with establishing responsibility of an incident. The camera footage helps streamline an insurance claim, rather than lengthen it with an investigation that often remains unresolved. With access of footage from forward facing and driver facing cameras, it is easy to paint a clear picture of the event, see affecting factors to the incident, monitor driver behavior, and find true fault of what happened. Without access to video footage, an investigation ends up with a lot of missing pieces to understand what truly happened.
  3. V-Track Video can help lower costs after an accident for your fleet. Between the fewer settlements and fewer litigated cases, trucking companies end up reducing costs after installing cameras and monitoring their fleet. We have also noticed that after fleets deploy cameras, drivers engage in safer driving behavior knowing the monitoring is there, which ends up being beneficial to the fleet.
  4. V-Track Video is more than just an in-cab cameras system. Our cameras also operate as fleet tracking solution to measure driver safety, accountability, and efficiency. As soon as the truck starts, all miles driven, maneuvers and stops made are tracked, analyzed and reported to the company’s fleet management team to help improve the performance of your drivers. The system allows for key factors to be tracked in real-time such as speeding, hard braking, and phone distractions to make sure your drivers are being safe behind the wheel.

Please contact us for more information on V-Track with AI Video capability. We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate the extensive capability of V-Track.