V-Track Fleet Management

What Makes V-Track Different

A Fleet Management System can bring a lot of value to your organization. It can provide a driver score card, show live video, provide GPS location, real time telematics information, electronic driver logs, and much more. This information can be beneficial for safety departments in running an efficient fleet and lowering operating costs. However, fleet management solutions can be even more beneficial when integrating this information with a proof-of-delivery system.

Most Fleet Management systems have many similarities. V-Track allows the proof-of-delivery component to bring business value into the equation. Here are some of the functions that organizations take advantage of as part of V-Track:

  1. Scheduling
    Most delivery and/or service stops are planned either through a route optimization engine or manually by a dispatcher, depending on the need. Those stops are imported into V-Track with the capability of the driver or dispatcher optimizing the stops to minimize mileage or time when running the route. The stop schedule then can be used with turn-by-turn navigation to arrive in the most efficient manner.
  2. Delivery or Service
    Once the driver is at the customer location, they have the capability to make a delivery, collect a return, service items, take a payment, schedule follow-up service, capture a signature and much more. Every client has different business needs. V-Track can be configured to follow the specific business process of the user providing an easy-to-use paperless experience.
  3. Backend Reporting
    Utilizing the delivery data, the system allows for ample reporting capability such as average stop time, stops per hour, average services/revenue delivered at each stop, on time/delays, and so much more. With our extensive integration experience and capability, we can integrate this information into existing ERP and supply chain systems for a seamless data transfer experience.
  4. Support You Can Depend On
    Our extensive support structure which includes an around-the-clock
    help desk, management of the hardware, and full accountability of the solutions makes a mission critical system like this dependable for your operation. Anytime your driver has an issue preventing them from doing their job, we ensure there is someone there to help with all aspects of the system including the software, hardware, and wireless communication.

Please contact us for more information on V-Track with V-Track Video. We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate our extensive capability.