Benefits of AI In-Cab Cameras

Benefits of AI In-Cab Cameras

Deploying an AI in-cab camera system is often a cultural change that affects fleet operators, drivers, managers, and safety departments. Having access to rich data, live tracking, detailed reporting, and video alerts offers countless benefits to keeping your fleet safe. Velocitor’s V-Track system offers feature rich AI functionality that offers many benefits for a safer fleet.

1. Proactive vs Reactive Safety Approach
One of the main benefits of AI cameras is the ability to be proactive about safety. It is beneficial to be able to pull video footage from specific events, such as during accident reconstruction or critical moments, however it should be the goal of any organization to prevent the critical event in the first place. AI cameras often proactively identify risky behaviors, such as distracted driving, following too closely, improper lane departures, smartphone usage while driving and many others. Having the ability for fleet managers to be proactive based on AI alerts creates a culture of drivers avoiding unsafe behavior.

2. Coaching Based on Specific Events
Driver coaching is a critical component of improving fleet safety. V-Track offers AI capability that outlines specific risk behaviors by drivers. These alerts are immediately sent to the cloud allowing fleet managers the opportunity to coach drivers with accuracy. Training events also offer drivers a voice with instant event exoneration capability with management approval incase an incident can be explained. In our experience, drivers will have a reduction in training events over time especially if they are incentivized to obtain a high safety score. Having the ability to coach drivers based on specific events creates a more accurate culture of safety and more consistent driving behavior.

3. Ease of Management
When working with companies that have an in-cab camera implementation plans, it is often the fear that management of the video platform will create a substantial workload on already busy fleet managers and safety departments. One of the main benefits of AI in cameras is that only footage triggered by unsafe behaviors are uploaded for review and training. At Velocitor, our V-Track Video Review team audits all event alerts and filters through data inaccuracies before making the footage available for review. We also proactively monitor the health of the equipment and usage. This gives fleet managers and safety departments the ability to coach quickly and precisely creating a highly efficient management process.

4. Safety, not Surveillance
During the deployment of an in-cab video platform it is important to stress that the main point of the system is to create a culture of safety, not surveillance. Drivers tend to perceive cameras in their vehicles as a surveillance tool, however as organizations deploy them, they are usually looking to support drivers first and foremost. As drivers face exoneration events, it is important to share them with the driver teams which will in return create a positive culture that makes the driver “buy-in” to the process positive creating a win-win situation between drivers and management. When a safety culture is correctly deployed utilizing AI cameras, everybody wins.

Please contact us for more information on V-Track with AI Video capability. We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate the extensive capability of V-Track.

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