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Tips for Successful Driver Buy-In for In-Cab Vehicle Cameras

In vehicle cameras are one of the most effective tools for fleet safety improvement. The technology combined with effective driver coaching, has been found to reduce safety-related events by as much as 50% according to our customer research. Drivers can be skeptical about having cameras watching their actions as they feel the “big brother” component to this technology compromises privacy.

At Velocitor we have successfully helped thousands of fleets build successful safety programs with our V-Track platform. Taking our experience with rollouts, we have found several best practices for a productive deployment.

  1. Demonstrate How The Technology Works

Often drivers look at cameras in their vehicles as a surveillance tool. They will ask questions if they are constantly being watched, and listened to. The technology needs to be explained as a safety event-based tool that only sends videos for triggered violations. If a driver has a safe run with no violating events, there is no video sent from the system and they will in turn see a high safety score. Understanding that safe driving behavior, such as no phone usage, no distracted driving, no hard turns, or hard breaks, etc. will create very few events the driver’s management will see. Once the drivers understand how the technology is used, what triggers a safety event, and how to avoid them, they will in turn feel more comfortable with cameras in the vehicle.

  1. Offer Examples of Successful Event Exoneration

During our rollouts, as cameras are deployed in the field, drivers are often exonerated from safety incidents that are often unavoidable or not the drivers’ fault. Sharing this video footage with other drivers ends up being the most effective tool in creating driver buy-in to the technology. We offer countless examples of drivers being exonerated of fault, which creates excitement among drivers to implement cameras in their own vehicles.

  1. Create Incentives for High Driver Safety Scores

The most successful deployments we see include incentives for top driver safety scores. Fleet managers utilize video and safety data of our V-Track driver score card and reward the highest score earners on a regular basis. This creates an incentive for drivers to drive safer become and be a top performer for their company. Over time, the drivers and the company will experience a win-win strategy to operate a safer and more efficient fleet.

  1. Let Drivers Know That They Have a Voice

Our system allows for drivers to dispute events with management approval if there is a reasonable explanation for the event. Our in-house video review audit team reviews the event and adjusts the driver score with management approval based on the driver feedback. This capability is looked upon favorably by drivers as they feel they have a voice in the safety score they receive.

The deployment of vehicle cameras is often a cultural change that comes with hesitation from drivers. Utilizing best practices we have gathered through our deployment experience, this change can come as a positive effort in operating a safer and more efficient fleet. It’s all about changing bad behaviors and improving safety while behind the wheel.

Please contact us for a demo of V-Track. We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate the extensive capability of V-Track.

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