What To Do with Driver Safety Scores?

What To Do with Driver Safety Scores?

Driver safety scores are an essential part of the V-Track fleet management system. The Driver Scorecard is a performance evaluation report that considers specific driving metrics such as safety, fuel efficiency, while also incorporating video events with V-Track Video. The safety aspects of the scores measure items such as speeding, seat belt use, hard braking, and others, while efficiency focuses on idle times and hard acceleration. V-Track Video with AI introduces safety items to the scorecard such as distracted driving, collision warning, following distance, phone usage and others. While receiving this data is great, using it to create a safer fleet can often be a challenge for fleet managers. Working with our client partners, we have found several effective methods to use driver safety scores for managing a safer and more efficient fleet.

1. Gamify The Scores
Gamification is often used as a motivational method for employees and can be an effective driver tool to improve safety and efficiency in an enjoyable way. Our V-Track Mobile application allows for drivers to see how their score ranks overall against other drivers on their team in real time. During the day we find that drivers will keep up with their own performance to achieve a higher score. Many of our client partners also offer prizes to top performers, which further motivates safe and efficient behavior.

2. Highlight Top Drivers to the Team and Reward Them
Every employee likes to be recognized for high achievement. Gaining this recognition amongst peers creates motivation to perform at the top. Our client partners have used this strategy and have received excellent results with drivers that may not have had desirable safety records in the past. This data can also be used to offer drivers safety bonuses as the information is based on specific performance metrics and can be tracked over time to show upward or downward movement.

3. Address Low Scores Proactively
Driver safety scores are based on percentages as defined by most client’s specific requirements and can also show a pass/fail metric. Most of our clients that have incorporated driver scorecards into their safety program use this data for performance reviews and can address non-safe drivers early. Often, performance improvement plans can be directly measured in any defined period, allowing for safety concerns to be addressed before the unthinkable may happen.

4. Look for and Highlight Improvement Over Time
As important as it is to highlight drivers that are winning contests, it’s also imperative to highlight improvement. Driver scorecards can be used to show improvement in driver teams and/or specific geographic branches. What most fleets find upon deployment of driver scores is that they see overall safety improvement week over week as well as a reduction in accidents and citations if the program is correctly implemented. It should be the goal of any fleet to see an improvement in safety and efficiency, while maintaining that performance over long periods of time.

Scoring drivers with telematics and video is an effective technique in creating a safer and more efficient fleet. Utilizing a system like V-Track, the management of driver safety and efficiency becomes more accurate and cost effective. Please contact us for more information on V-Track with V-Track Video to learn more about our driver scorecard system. We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate our extensive capability.

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