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Fulfill your FedEx Ground contracting standards and revolutionize the way you do business.

Velocitor Solutions is the only one-stop shop for FedEx Ground Service Providers.

 FedEx Approved STAR V Vendor


FedEx Approved VEDR Vendor


FedEx Approved Telematics Vendor

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STAR V Approved Vendor

Why should Velocitor be your go to technology partner?
We are the only FedEx approved solutions provider that can offer VEDR, V-Track Telematics and STAR-V software support, distribution, and device procurement/management, all from a single, seamlessly integrated source. Furthermore, our partnerships with FedEx approved Safety Programs enable us to be the only one-stop-shop for the FXG Service Provider Community.

Vtrack Video

Stop using multiple mobile devices to get packages logged and delivered to customers on time. Simplify the tech you need to handle all your daily tasks with STAR V approved devices and Velocitor's V-Track Fleet Management Solution.
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Scorecards
  • Time Keeper
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Email/Text Message Notifications
  • Excessive Idling Reports
  • Proximity Report based on STAR Handheld Events
  • Automatic Manifest Feed
  • Stop Optimization and turn by turns
  • Missed Delivery Notifications
  • Route Analysis
  • Exception Tracking
  • Engine Stats and DTC Codes

Questions? No problem our support team is ready to help you from purchase to set-up to field operations.

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Zebra TC77 | Panasonic N1


Please Note: If you are a first time Velocitor Store customer you will need to be verified. Please have your FedEx Ground ID and Contract Number.

FedEx Approved VEDR System

Velocitor's FedEx approved video event data recorder (VEDR) system has an artificial intelligence based in-vehicle camera and a road facing ADAS camera that meets and exceeds all FedEx KI’s.



Improve fleet safety using alerts, real-time incident detection, distracted driving alerts, along with coaching and training tools.



Lower accident-related costs and accelerate insurance payouts—all at half the cost of many dash cam systems.



Keep drivers safe by incentivizing good behavior and exonerating innocent employees against false claims.



Access video events from your desktop or mobile device. With live streaming video you can see what your drivers are seeing.

Stay Compliant - Key Indicators (KIs) Reporting


FedEx Approved Telematics

Our FedEx approved V-Track Fleet Management System provides a comprehensive management system for your fleet, including functionality such as STARVIEW, GPS tracking, telematics monitoring, Engine stats/codes and many more. In addition, the system provides extensive data analytics to measure driver performance, provide ample reporting capability, as well as vehicle inspections, time keeping and more. Automatic Manifest downloads and stop optimization enable your drivers to utilize the STARV as the primary device to perform their route duties in addition to the FedEx application. Our V-Track mobile application is compatible with IOS and Android if you would like to leverage a larger form factor like a tablet.


GPS Fleet Tracking



Vehicle Inspections & Maintanence



Stop Data Integration, Automatic Manifests



Real Time Alerts



Time Cards






Route Optimization, Turn-By-Turn Directions



Advanced Reporting Including KI Reports



Services & Support

We realize that an investment in mobile technology is a critical business decision for every one of our customers. In order to ensure our customers maximize this investment for both effectiveness and longevity, Velocitor provides a broad range of solution sustainability services.


Depot Services and Spare Pool Management

Velocitor Depot Services provide a simple, cost-effective way to manage your mobile hardware repair/replacement needs and minimize downtime to keep the operations of your mobile work-force running smoothly.


Staging and Kitting

Velocitor’s staging and kitting services include the initial field readiness of a mobile device during the deployment phase. Once a mobile device is received within the Velocitor facility, it is charged, tested, loaded with the appropriate operating system, firmware, application, and kitted with applicable accessories.

VTRACK Services

Mobile Device Management

Velocitor utilizes industry-leading mobile device management (“MDM”) software solutions that support every major mobile platform, making it easy to manage and configure devices throughout their lifecycle while giving our customers the flexibility to work on any device platform they choose.


Full 24x7 365 Help Desk

The Velocitor Help Desk is comprised of certified, US-based help desk professionals, offering high-quality software support, device troubleshooting, and remote software monitoring services – every hour of every day. Our help desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate help desk support 24x7x365 via phone, email, web chat, or our secure web-based Support Center.

Velocitor STAR V


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