V-Track - Zebra TC77

Introducing The Next Generation STAR V Scanner

Vtrack on TC77

Full Screen Android Smart Phone with more Built-in Memory and Capabilities

Driver-Proof Durability

  • 8-ft Drop Rating - The best among FedEx Ground CSP options
  • Virtually water-proof with an IP68 rating
  • Gorilla Glass

Reliability and Accountability

  • 15+ hour battery life
  • Better Proximity and Locationing
  • Higher NITS for brighter display
  • Greater ergonomic flexibility for scanning in any orientation

Additional Benefits

  • WorryFree WIFI
  • Bluetooth 5.0 – Twice the Speed and Four times the range
  • SE4750 imager for both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Compatible with all relevant carriers

TC77 Spec Sheet


Vtrack on TC-77

STAR V Approved Vendor

Vtrack Video
Stop using multiple mobile devices to get packages logged and delivered to customers on time. Simplify the tech you need to handle all your daily tasks with STAR V approved devices and Velocitor's V-Track Fleet Management Solution.

Advanced VEDR

ADAS Camera System Powered by AI



Improve fleet safety using alerts, real-time incident detection, distracted driving alerts, along with coaching and training tools.



Keep drivers safe by incentivizing good behavior and exonerating innocent employees against false claims.



Lower accident-related costs and accelerate insurance payouts—all at half the cost of many dash cam systems.

V-track Telematics

V-Track Mobile Companion

Powerful features that revolutionize the way you do business.



Scanner Alerts


Real Time Alerts

Excessive Idle, Excessive Speed, Hard Breaking and much more


Turn-By-Turn Directions


V-Track Fleet Management

Stop Optimization

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Engine Diagnostic Codes

Prevent catastrophic failures and minimize maintenance costs.


Telematics/GPS Tracking



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