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I Didn’t Do It

Every fleet manager has experienced confronting a driver about an incident.  Incidents can range from damage to fleet vehicles, property damage, accidents, and/or traffic violations.  When investigating events, it is often the drivers statement a manager must go by and is left with many questions that remain unanswered.  When your fleet is equipped with an in-dash camera system, such as V-Track Video, these concerns are easily alleviated.  When given the ability to find actual footage, safety events, vehicle telematics information, it becomes much easier to find out exactly what occurred before, during, and after an incident.  Our customers have benefited in various ways from our system, when they hear from a driver the infamous phrase:  I didn’t do it.

1.    Video Footage of the Event

Anytime there is a reported event, property damage, or anything that needs to be investigated, an in-cab video system will allow for management to download footage and see exactly what happened.  With a dual camera system, the fleet manager will see several views and can immediately see if the driver was following proper procedures, and if there were other vehicles involved.  It is the best proof available to see if the driver was at fault or not.  Many of our clients have reviewed footage of events and can immediately identify if proper safety procedures were followed.

2.    GPS Location and Telematics Events

As important as video footage may be, its important sometimes to know the location of an event along with engine telematics information.  Sometimes drivers may report damage to a vehicle that happened somewhere completely different than what occurred.  Having GPS location of events along with telematics information such as speed and engine statistics, can tell the entire story during an investigation.  

3.    Safety Record of the Driver

V-Track driver score cards will show a history of driver behavior for every driver in your fleet.  During an incident investigation, it can be very helpful to see if there is a pattern of unsafe behavior from a specific driver.  This information can help determine if that driver may have shown patterns of proper safety procedures or unsafe behaviors that may have contributed to an event.  Scorecards provide a vital role in driver training, safety improvement, and coaching. 

4.    Opportunity for Training and Improvement 

Every time a fleet has an event, and no matter the outcome, it becomes an opportunity for training and improvement for the entire team.  Available video footage and telematics info can be reviewed during safety meetings, and treated as a learning tool for the entire team.  An in-cab video system is an essential tool for safety.  Having the ability to coach, train, and review can create a winning safety record for your fleet.

Please contact us for more information on V-Track with V-Track Video.  We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate our extensive capability.  

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