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Beyond Fleet Management

Part of any fleet managers role is to operate a safe and efficient fleet.  It is important to control costs, implement an effective safety culture, hire/retain drivers, maintain a fleet, and so much more.  The most important part of fleet operations however is delivering for your customer.  They are the reason any fleet operates in the first place no matter what industry your company may serve.  Customers expect their freight and/or service to be delivered without damage and on time to the right location.  While many “all-in-one” providers focus on strictly the fleet management portion of the solution, V-Track the capability to properly execute this task by combining business data in the system.  Here are several examples of how V-Track goes beyond fleet management.  

  • Adding Customer Stops To Your Map

Most fleet management system show you where trucks are, where alerts may have happened, as well as your video safety events.  While this data is very beneficial, V-Track can integrate with existing ERP systems and plots your customer stops on the fleet page along with pertinent business data.  It is easy to see your truck along with automated arrival/departures at customer locations along with proof-of-delivery and/or service information.  This allows management to have one platform to see if a delivery was performed efficiently, being able to see how far away your driver may be from the next stop, along with the ability to pull the bill-of-lading and/or invoices for that stop providing a powerful solution to efficiency.

  • Proof of Delivery/Service

When combining business fulfillment data with fleet information, proof-of-delivery data can be capture in V-Track directly on the map.  V-Track Mobile gives your driver the capability to see their route stops, and within the customer central screen they can collect a signature, take a photo of deliveries/services, as well as see important data such as customer history, delivery/service instructions and much more.  This allows the V-Track portal to show all delivery and fleet data in one integrated platform.  Management has an overview of the stop, while being able to pull “Video-on-Demand” if needed to ensure the truck was at the location and the delivery was made.

  • Ease of Use For Your Driver

To have accurate fleet and business information, the application must be easy to use for the driver.  This means following their standard workflow, entering information with minimal input, and providing support to the driver if needed.  V-Track Mobile does all this flawlessly with functions such as DVIR, the route list, optimization at the driver level, signature/image capture and much more.

  • Optimization

V-Track allows fleets to optimize their routes using the stop schedule.  Managers can look at a route, make any adjustments manually they need, and then optimize the route based on least number of miles driven, or least amount of time considering parameters such as predictive traffic, and more.  The drivers have an optimization feature within the V-Track Mobile app that allows for optimization by clusters of stops and turn-by-turn navigation.  After a route is finished, the solution allows for the ability to see how the route was driven vs how it was planned to allow for better efficiency.  

When combining business data functions, fleet tracking, and video in one integrated platform, companies can run an efficient fleet while most importantly delivering for their customers and being more competitive in the market.  Please contact us for more information on V-Track with V-Track Video.  We would be happy to share our experience and demonstrate our extensive capability.